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Hello my friends!

by Lomcia
You are here because you like my other comics, or you got lost!
Wellcome to Babylon the Great.

Story Line:

When we meet Ruth Evie Pearl (Perła) she is 15 year old girl. She lives with her mother, father and little sister Hannah. Ruth is one of Jehovah Witnesses, and attends there meetings. She is a normal girl with a normal problems. Her crush - Michael - is dating other girl, hes friend is moving from London and Ruth needs to change school after Nick attacked her. 
A lot is going on in her life. 

About me:

You need to know, that I'm also doing my own oryginal comic stories. Babylon the Great and RE:Eclipse.
Click on images to get to read them too! 





You can find:
1.  CAST - its a short information about characters.
2. BONUS - its all art made by me, by other people, wallpapers etc.